Hacky Easter 2021 writeup

HackyEaster was awesome again. From a technical point of view there weren’t too much new things, but the creativity of the provided challenges made it really fun. Including the little teaser challenge there were a total amount of 37 challenges. These challenges were divided into different levels. You could only proceed to the next level, if you have earned enough points in the current level. I really liked that new idea.

HE21.00 Teaser Challenge HE21.01 Intro HE21.02 Basement Cat HE21.03 Easy One HE21.04 Beehive HE21.05 Unicorn HE21.06 Mystical Symbols HE21.07 Caesar’s Meme HE21.08 Sunshine HE21.09 Cafe Shop HE21.10 Ghost in a Shell 1 HE21.11 Hidden HE21.12 Ansi Art HE21.13 No No No HE21.14 Haxxor what? HE21.15 Social Checker HE21.16 LOTL HE21.17 Digizzled HE21.18 Bunny Beat HE21.19 😈 HE21.20 Run Me, Baby! HE21.21 Memeory 3.0 – The Final HE21.22 46 Apes HE21.23 Eggcryptor HE21.24 Tacocat HE21.25 Lots of JWTs HE21.26 Lost HE21.27 Ghost in a Shell 2 HE21.28 Haxxor what 2? HE21.29 Sailor’s Knot HE21.30 Pix FX HE21.31 Hunny Bunny HE21.32 Two Yolks HE21.33 Finding Mnemo HE21.34 The Five Seasons HE21.35 The Snake HE21.36 Doldrums

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