RPISEC/MBE: writeup lab01 (Reverse Engineering)

RPISEC is the resident computer security club at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. They developed a university course to teach skills in vulnerability research, reverse engineering and binary exploitation. The course material can be found on github including a detailed explanation on how to run the provided VM: https://github.com/RPISEC/MBE.

This article contains my writeup for the first lab (lab01). The lab’s topic is Reverse Engineering and it consists of the following levels:
–> lab1C
–> lab1B
–> lab1A

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HACKvent17 writeup

As every year hacking-lab.com carried out the annual HACKvent challenge. Each day from the 1st of december until the 24th a new challenge is published. The difficulty raises from day to day. After all I managed to solve 20 of 24 tasks:

Day 01: 5th anniversary
Day 02: Wishlist
Day 03: Strange Logcat Entry
Day 04: HoHoHo
Day 05: Only one hint
Day 06: Santa’s journey
Day 07: i know …
Day 08: True 1337s
Day 09: JSONion
Day 10: Just play the game
Day 11: Crypt-o-Math 2.0
Day 12: giftlogistics
Day 13: muffin_asm
Day 14: Happy Cryptmas
Day 15: Unsafe Gallery
Day 16: Try to escape …
Day 17: Portable NotExecutable
Day 18: I want to play a Game (Reloaded)
Day 19: Cryptolocker Ransomware
Day 20: linux malware
Day 21: tamagotchi
Day 22: frozen flag
Day 23: only perl can parse Perl
Day 24: Chatterbox

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